Training & Education

Whether your business is small or large, the safety of your organisation is only as strong as your weakest link. Training your staff to understand what these weaknesses are, and how to protect against an ever evolving threat landscape is essential to a safe working environment.

Just as an organisation has health and safety briefings, or routine training on elements that are core to your business; cybersecurity training is now an essential part of a resilient workforce. Whether it be protecting from malware, ransomware phishing, social engineering or classic network attacks, we have a programme of training suitable for all staff, even staff that have little to no IT knowledge.

Presenting dry material is a sure-fire way to lose engagement with the audience, so it must talk to what is important for your staff, so we attempt to make our training as lighthearted and interesting as possible, moulding our workshops or presentations to suit the hearts and minds of the particular audience, be it in the board-room or the datacentre!